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Epsilon Lambda short range high resolution radar products can be mounted as infrastructure to detect vehicles, moving or not, on highways or roadways, at intersections or in private driveways. Applications include traffic management, safety enhancement, incident detection, toll collection or statistical analysis. Radar data output includes range, instantaneous speed, lane location and signal return amplitude (to help with vehicle classification). Low cost products to be considered include: ELSO22-1M; ELSO22-2A; ELSO42-1M; ELSO42-2A; ELSO91-1M; ELSO91-2A.


When mounted upon a vehicle, occupied or unmanned, forward looking and side object radar provide location of all objects in the field-of-view of the radar antenna.  Applications include collision warning and obstacle avoidance.  Radar data provides range, instantaneous speed, azimuth angle and signal return amplitude.  Products to be considered include: ELSO22-2A; ELSO42-2A; ELSO71-2A.


In some applications when mounted on a vehicle or in fixed location, an azimuth field of view must be very wide (up to 360 degrees).  Epsilon Lambda high resolution radar makes use of a stepper motor for azimuth scanning making possible 3D location of an object.  Radar data includes range, azimuth angle and electronic elevation angle determination.  Products to be considered include: ELSO91-3E, ELSO71-3E.


Doppler (speed) radar can be used for short term navigation by tracking speed (and direction) of motion with time. The radar can be mounted aboard a vehicle or a dismounted human. This is particularly helpful when GPS tracking is the normal method of location, but is temporarily blocked by overhead shield (tree, building, etc). Epsilon Lambda has developed and supplied a unique, compact low power W-band radar for this purpose. Product model is ELGM91-1M.


Epsilon Lambda offers core antenna/transceiver communication node technology for use in wideband, secure local internal electronic data communication. This node hardware can be used inside of vehicles to help eliminate bulky and heavy cables and connectors. This use is particularly attractive to reduce weight for air and space platforms, manned or unmanned, as well as increasing pay-load space for all types of ground vehicles. Use of V-band spectrum provides the opportunity for operation in an unlicensed band while insuring a degree of operational security because of the high atmospheric attenuation of electromagnetic energy at 60 GHz. Potential improvement of electronic system reliability originates from elimination of the long term failure of cables and connectors through addition of low cost redundant wireless data links. Product to be considered is: ELCD62-1A.

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