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Epsilon Lambda Electronics Corp

Epsilon Lambda Electronics Corp.

Epsilon Lambda Electronics has been working in the millimeter and microwave industry for over 36 years. Since 1974, we have been performing engineering R & D as well as production manufacturing of components and integrated subsystems from 10 to 94 GHz. In our years of business, we have become the foremost innovators of Integrated Millimeter Wave Subsystems. Today, Epsilon Lambda leads the way in the development and manufacture of low cost, integrated subsystems for the emerging automotive collision warning/intelligent cruise control radar systems market. Epsilon Lambda was the world's first commercial manufacturer of collision warning subsystems when the entire fleet of 1,700 Greyhound buses were equipped with our hardware in 1992. Prototype and production orders for CW/ICC antenna/transceivers at 24 GHz, 47 GHz, and 77 GHz have been received from customers in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

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